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After one of my last posts about going through my boyfriends phone, I have had some pretty interesting opinions. Most people have said that snooping through someones contacts is morally wrong. I was looking through  twenty something males phone that I have seen naked. We are on a pretty intimate level, it’s not like I picked up a strangers phone off the bar and started going through their text messages! As far as questioning my moral capacity based on this behavior: I am not breaking into the Pentagon for top secret information here, people! If it’s such a sensitive subject for someone, then maybe that sensitivity comes from past history. Did someone see something they weren’t supposed to? Are you hiding something? If you are still that worried about it then this article from tech website, Mashable about a new app may be perfect for you!

Nosy Boyfriend or Girlfriend? There’s an App for That

Christina Warren by 

Are you concerned that people might be trying to read your text messages or e-mails while your iPhone is left unattended? As the saying goes, there’s an app for that.
iTrust bills itself as the first keylogger for the iPhone or iPod touch. While it isn’t quite a true keylogger, it does employ a pretty nifty trick to track attempts to bust into your home screen.

Basically iTrust uses an image of your iPhone homescreen to fool other people into interacting with the device. It will then record where people touch on the image so you can see any attempts. Of course, iTrust does have one fatal flaw — if you press the home screen button after you are already on the page the app will exit and whoever is trying to peek at your mail can go right on peeking. Of course, they can probably delete all traces of using iTrust as well.

Read more at Mashable

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