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I got back together with my college boyfriend a few months ago. Things are better now than when we were 21 and drunk all the time. People will tell you that if a relationship doesn’t work once it won’t ever work. They are wrong and right. Everyone deserves a second chance. Fortunately, in my case the second time around has worked out so far. Those skeptics are right in the sense that if it doesn’t work after several tries, then you should probably move on. If five rounds of on and off and an order of protection is involved, then please don’t even entertain the idea of rekindling an old flame. But, if the situation is right and you didn’t end on psychotic terms; here are a few reaons why recyclying an old relationship can be a good thing:

1. You don’t have to go through the whole first date, awkward getting to know you bull shit.
2. You won’t stress about introducing him to your parents. As long as they didn’t hate him the first time.
3. No need to hide your secret stash of cigarettes or upper lip hair bleaching cream. He already knows your dirty secrets.
4. No first time sex nervousness. He’s already seen you naked.
5. You don’t have to hide your crazy because he’s already seen you at your worst. Isn’t that why you broke up the first time?
6. Your number won’t increase.
7. Recycling is good for the environment!

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