I was recently visiting my family in Southern California (the O.C. to be exact) and overheard some women my age chatting over their morning flax seed and lemon water in a local Starbucks. I only wish I had a tape recorder with me so I could post everything I overheard just as it was said. Here are a few gems that stuck with me:
-”How much did your wedding planner cost”
-”I can’t eat that, I’ve already hit 900 calories today”
- “Have you seen the latest photos from my boudoir shoot?”
- “OMG! She  is so entitled! Oh, she’s on the way here?”
Apparently, “entitled”  is the new stuck up, fake bitch.
- ” I think something is wrong w my thyroid. I hear the medicine makes you lose weight”
-” I hate LA”
-” I hate Riverside”
- “But Santa Monica is OK. “
-”OMG! Post that on Instagram “
- “OMG! Real housewives of Beverly Hills is on! “
I love So Cal, but a short visit every now and then makes me realize how much I have changed. I have been called alot of things in my short life, but fake has never been one of them.
As an extra bonus and to pay homage to me current home in the South; here is a little video my friend sent me:

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