The Waiting Game


Me and the bf have been pretty serious for quite a while now. We are living together, we share kitchen duty, he even refers to himself as my dogs “daddy”. So, naturally we have been easing into the next step of our relationship…getting engaged. He is just easing into it a little slower than I prefer. We have been to look at rings, we’ve discussed locations, he even told his big mouth friend that he’s got the rock! What is the hold up?

Is proposing like jumping out of a plane? The longer you stand at the edge, the bigger rush you get when you finally do jump? Except the girl waiting on the ground below is getting pretty anxious and not any younger might I add. What’s going on up there!

I’m trying not to be to pushy. Although, I have dropped some subtle hints. I let him know why schedule every week as not to interfere with a proposal. I paint my nails in front of him every night and casually mention how “something just seems missing”. Yeah, I know that one isn’t so subtle. But, come on! He’s got the ring, so rip the band aid off and ask already!

If my hints get any more obvious, Ill be wearing a veil to bed. Then he will be heading for the hills and I will be looking for a new future fiancé.

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