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     Stephanie Goldman grew up the youngest of five girls in affluent Orange County, California. She moved South (Nashville, not San Diego) to attend college. After receiving a Bachelors Degree she discovered a knack for writing and story telling. Stephanie would entertain her girl friends with stories of growing up in an unconventional household in what could have been ripped from the script of the OC. She loves making people laugh and had tons of stories about college and relationships. Her wit, sarcasm and tell it like it is writing style would have the southern belles shuddering at the thought! She knew she wasn’t the only twenty something out there carrying around a magnet for dating disasters, so she started a blog. Her popular blog, Did I Really Do My Hair for This took off quickly. Stephanie soon realized she had a passion for writing and telling it like it is. She writes the things about men, dating and relationships that most young women think but are too embarrassed to say. She will be releasing her first book in Summer 2011. Stephanie Goldman now lives, works and continues her search for Mr. Right near Nashville, Tennessee.
      Update: Stephanie reconnected with a Mr. Right and they were married in June 2013. Stephanie continues to write and is working on her next book about the hilarious ups and downs of being a newlywed!

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