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Helpful Tips For Men Dealing With a Psycho Woman


I dont usually do this, but after a rather dsturbing conversation with a male friend, I thought I should throw the guys a bone. My male friend took a girl out on two dates and then she invited him to her house for Christmas. She said her family was dying to meet him! Wait a psycho second he thought. How did cocktails and a second date blow job turn into a serious relationship? Sorry fellas, but not all girls are honest and bad ass like me. I prefer to be straight to the point and don’t beat around the bush. Unfortunately, my friend fell victim to the kind of girls I can’t stand. The ones that won’t own what they want and use bass ackwards logic and self demeaning justifications to excuse the behavior they think is inappropriate. If you want to sleep with a guy on the first date, then do it. I may not do it and your mother may be horrified; but who gives a shit what I think and we aren’t living in our mothers generation anymore. I had to explain to my friend the mind manipulation that he was just exposed to. When a girl says she only sleeps with guys that she is in a serious relationship with, then sleeps with said guy after the third or whatever date she is trying to use whore logic. She said she only sleeps with guys she is in a serious relationship with right? So, if the two of you just fucked, congratulations! You just got yourself a girlfriend after 3 dates and some mediocre sex. You slept with her, so you must be in a relationship now right? That’s what it is according to her whore logic. It makes her feel like less of a skank for sleeping with you and she also hopes you’re stupid enough to agree with her. It doesnt end there. If you are stupid enough to fall for it or just that desperate to get laid, you are in for a plethora of mind bending games that this kind of girl will use to make her feel not so bad about herself. For example: If a woman mentions something, even to tell you she is not into it or it’s not going to happen, that means she is at least thinking about it. Nine times out of ten it means that she is going to do it and her saying out loud that she isn’t makes her feel a bit better about herself. Women lie to themselves to justify bad behavior all the time. So, if she says “no way will I ever put that there”! You might still have a chance buddy. She might just be testing the waters to see if you’re on board. So, there ya go. But, be wary! Not all girls use whore logic! If she’s a strong and confident woman, like myself then she probably means want she says. Don’t test her or you may get something shoved up your ass!


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