Have We Seen Eachother Naked?


So, it has been almost six years since I graduated college. I am now back in a college again for another degree. No, not a Masters, unless you can get your M.S. in professional procrastination of life. I am getting another Bachelors degree. 1 + 1= 2 so two B.S. should equal one Masters, right? Another degree in graphic design or japanese art history and you can start referring to me as Doctor! I am walking across campus top class this morning amongst twenty year old girls in cut off shorts and guys riding there bikes with iPods blasting and pass a fellow late twenty something. He looks to be near my age because his facial hair looks un forced (not like he has been working on it for moths) and he isn’t wearing any University paraphernalia or a shirt that says Grab My Balls or some other not so clever play on words. He actually turns to check me out as we pass each other. I know this because it is true that I have eyes in the back of my head. I start to get a little spring in my step since this attention comes at such an early hour and I’m not wearing any makeup. Then he turns again, stops and calls my name. Oh shit. I hate small talk. Especially with strangers and acquaintances. Before I can remind myself that I don’t want to talk to anyone at 8am I have already turned around like a knee jerk reaction whenever my name is called. This guy approaches me and wraps me in a huge bear hug as he goes on about how good it is to see me and how long it’s been. Besides the fact he has crossed way over into my personal space and is now hugging me is blowing my mind. But, who the fuck is this guy? I back away and pretend to know him by repeating that it has been so long (like forever) and it’s so great to see him again too. I try to place him. Nothing. He smelled a bit familiar when he hugged me, but I may have just liked his cologne. We probably had a class together my first time around in college (which I will now refer to as round 1) and I flirted with him so he would let me cheat off of him in class. Although, he does not look very smart or like someone I would choose to cheat off of. I recommend the foreign students as unknowing tutors. We part ways and I am very confused as to who he is and why he was so happy to see me. Then he turns and checks me out again! That;s when it clicks. Not who he is, but how I possibly know him. Right there at 8am in the middle of a college campus this guy totally undresses me with his eyes and gives me that “I’ve seen you naked look”. It was a good thing I had my sunglasses on or he would have read the confusion all over my face. You know that look. I can’t explain it, but it’s the look you give to someone that says,” I know what you look like naked with your eyes closed” If I had remembered who he is this would have been flattering. But, 8 hours later and I am still wracking my brain. Why cant I remember this guy. I remember every single guy I have kissed. Or at least I think I do. What the fuck did I do in round 1? Maybe, I should be asking myself who the fuck did I do?


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