The Book Is Almost Here!


Did I Really Do My Hair For This? will be released in paperback next month! A release date will be posted soon! Thank you all for your support and please share this blog and the book with all of your friends!



I Cheated….


I broke down and went to the new Nordstrom in Nashville. I was excited and felt guilty at the same time. Like I was on my way to a 3 star resort to cheat on my 5 star boyfriend. My 5 star boyfriend being the Nordstroms I was raised on. South Coast Plaza in Orange County, CA. My dad joked that my mom and I spent so much time there that my sister and I were actually conceived in the Savvy department dressing room. Our real father is the piano player located on the first level between cosmetics and women’s shoes. I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in to my new local Nordsrtom. I got the same feeling of relief and euphoria like being wrapped in the arms of a long lost lover. Yet, this was slightly different and uneasy. This felt like being wrapped in the arms of my lovers slightly less successful and less classic twin brother. I was constantly looking over my shoulder as I rounded each designer filled corner, afraid of being caught. Never let anyone tell you that fashion isn’t a long term committed relationship. Shopping is the dates you go on to keep the love alive. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder and it proved to be true as I embraced this new love with open arms. Sometimes I flirt with other guys to make my boyfriend pay more attention to me. A little bit of jealousy goes a long way. I’ll be expecting a card from my personal stylist at South Coast Nordstroms any day. She’ll see my purchases at another store and her hunger for commission will drive her to win me back. Private shopping events here I come! So, maybe it is okay to visit this newer, slightly southern Norstroms to fill the void until I can visit home to my true love. I now firmly believe it is acceptable to have someone on the side. As long as that someone is 3 stories and gives you triple points on designer purchases.


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