Did I Really Do My Hair For This?


Here is an exclusive look at some of the stories you will read in my upcoming book, Did I Really Do My Hair For This? !!!
Did I really do my hair for this?
So, I had been eyeing this hot mechanic for the last few months. And he’s not just hot, he’s grease on your hands, check my oil please hot! A few weeks after my first tire rotation my check engine light came on..yes!!! I went to the repair shop and Mr mechanic was at the desk. I told him I needed someone to check under my hood and he obliged. He said he would call when my car was ready and told me his name. Could it be true? Could this be the answer to my only fear of getting married? I am neurotically attached to my last name. Since a best friend and I share the same first name, I have always been called by my last. I have often wondered what will people call me if i ever get married and change my name? Will I even know what to answer too? Well, this grease monkey man had the same last name as i mine! i was now convinced it was fate and imagining how cute the wedding invitations would be. So I did my usual reconnaissance; facebook stalking. I found my sur name soul mate and saw he was single. So I held my breath and friend requested him. I didn’t just leave it there.I went a step furthered and sent him a message making sure it wasn’t weird I stalked him in facebook and friended him. When he im’d me later that night saying it was not weird, I should have thought he was weird. Nope, Iwent on in bliss. I was ecstatic when he called and we spoke for almost 2 hours on the phone that night. I thought to myself, this is the first guy i have REALLY liked in long time. The last 12, I didn’t really know what i was talking about. So he called the next day and came over that night. After a few Bud Light Limes and so so conversation I was ready to meet the family. Even though he dissed me with the one armed hug, he still asked me out for the very next night when he left. (Actions speak louder than words!) i woke up the next morning smiling and bouncing around like Miley Cyrus on a stripper pole at the VMA’s. He even called that afternoon to confirm our plans for 7pm. I even blow dried my hair straight. If you have seen my hair, this is no small task ……..
8pm…no mechanic
8:30…I text him “guess you didn’t want to hang out” duh! If he wanted to hang out he would have shown up.
9:30 He butt dials me! 9:31…I call back and he butt answers. i overhear a redneck talking about a lawnmower. I call 3 more times in the next 30 minutes with no answer/
10pm…I receive a text that says he just left his friends baseball game and would be back in 30 minutes if I still wanted to hang out.
10:05pm…I call my roommate for advice. She says tell him no I’m already out.
10:10pm…I text ” sure, if you want to”
Still waiting for that response.
Moral of the story: Don’t get excited too quickly. If you have been pining over someone foe months or you think it’s love at first sight, aloof is always better than desperate. Take your friends advice. Never take your own. You will just rationalize with yourself until you think your erratic behavior is being a strong and independent woman.
P.S. The next day I got a brand new car and no longer need to go to the repair shop.


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